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Marketing Collateral

Critical to every business
Marketing collateral can be defined as the print and online components that represent your company’s offerings to prospective clients. In developing your collateral we strive to find the right mix of components, both on and offline, to provide the most value for your money.

Make sure it all works together
Whether you are creating a single piece to add to your existing collateral or are developing an entirely new set of materials, our proven process of identifying needs and goals results in pieces that deliver.




Our Systematic Approach to Collateral
■ Development:
■ Client Input
■ Assessment
■ Evaluation of Current Materials in Use
■ Analysis of Target Audience
■ Strategy Development
■ Project Plan Approval
■ Content Development
■ Design and Implementation
■ Final Assessment and Approvals
■ Printing or Online Publishing

Most Common Traditional Collateral
■ Pieces
■ Sales Sheets
■ Brochures
■ Marketing/Sales Letters
■ Direct Mail Pieces
■ Mail Inserts
■ Newsletter Templates
■ Corporate Identity – logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes
■ Online Collateral Pieces
■ Corporate Websites
■ Electronic Brochures
■ Multimedia Presentations
■ Product Demos
■ Ad Landing Pages
■ Email Newsletters

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