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Don't go it alone!
No website is effective without adequate promotion. You can have the best website in the world, but if no one knows about it, it might as well not exist.

Let your clients and customers know
There are many inexpensive ways to market and promote your website. More often then not, just incorporating your website address into documents used through your normal course of business will bring about results. This usually will only increase awareness among your existing customers and clients. To add customers and clients you will need to branch out.

Explore online advertising
To increase traffic to your website from a wider audience and new potential customers you must look outside your existing client base. Do this through search engine submissions, directory listings, online advertisements including banners and pay-per-click online advertisement services such as Google Adwords and Overture Precision Match and Content Match.

Discover your options
The reasons businesses don’t adequately promote their websites are:
1) They don’t know about the tools that are available to them
2) They don’t know how to use the tools that are available to them
3) They don’t think they can afford to promote their website



If you fall under any of the above categories but you still want to promote your website, it is time to contact a professional.

Work within your budget
Promoting your website does not have to be an overly expensive venture. If you select the right tools that fall inline with your budget, the money you spend promoting your website should come back in to you in time with increased exposure and business.

You can always improve
If you have already registered your website with the major search engines and are not getting the results you want, maybe you should reevaluate your site metatags and page descriptions. Has your site received search engine optimization? Are you properly leveraging the power of links from your business partners?

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